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Our goal is to be the main news channel, where you can always get the best view of what’s happening, and where you can always find a versatile choice to read, view, listen, whether you want to quickly get information about an actual subject or just have fun.




Delfi is the number one news portal in Lithuania, both in terms of the number of readers and the number of articles produced daily. And to be the first to discover the subject and publish. For information your first choice is Delfi.



Delfi has a wide look – from politics to entertainment. There is a whole spectrum of different topics and genres – news, interviews, opinion stories and videos.



Delfi unites all Lithuanian people. Standing next to them as equal. He also speaks for a simple person and makes news that is legible and accessible to everyone.



Delfi’s authors are not just professional journalists. Delfi is also the voice of the people – it speaks to everyone in the commentary and you can always send writings, photos and videos.


Primary logotype

Logotype is only a very small part of overall identity, but the most recognisable and tangible expression of brand and should be used properly at all times.

The primary logo is used in Delfi website, digital communication, social media and printed materials when a strong contrast between the logo and the background can be assured, e.g. on white and light grey background colours.

Download logopack


Colour - Bright Background

Primary logo on bright background

The preferred way to use the logo is on a white/light background. Every attempt should be made to do this in order to retain the integrity of the brand.

Colour - Dark Background

Primary logo on dark background

The preferred way to use the logo is on a dark background. Every attempt should be made to do this in order to retain the integrity of the brand.

Black & white

Logo on white

The preferred way to use the logo is on a white/light background. Every attempt should be made to do this in order to retain the integrity of the brand.

Logo on black

If you are using a black or dark background on your communication, you may use the logo reversed out.

Safety zones

To protect the strength and integrity of the logo, a clear space area, free of competing visual elements, should be maintained.

  • Primary logotype
Minimal size

Refers to the smallest size at which the logo may be reproduced to ensure its legibility in any print or screen media.

  • Primary logotype

Always use a 0 degree angle. / Always use correct proportions of the logo. / Always leave the logo some space to breath. / Always use correct logo version on white or dark backgrounds.


Do not rearrange the logo. / Do not alter the proportions of the logo. / Do not change the logo colour. / Do not use the smaller logo than it’s minimum size. / Do not superimpose the logo on any image or background that makes it hard to see.

Main colours

Colour is an integral part of the brand. This palette should be used in all communications, digital applications or any printed materials. Main brand colours are Dark Blue, Light Grey, Mint, White, Dusty Pink and Tangerine.

  • #0f134b
    Dark Blue
    R:1 G:3 B:97
    C:100 M:100 Y:0 K:40
    Pantone: 2758 C/U
  • #f4f1ee
    Light Grey
    R:244 G:241 B:238
    C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:10
    Pantone: Cool Gray 1 C/U
  • #1bdab5
    R:27 G:218 B:181
    C:65 M:0 Y:45 K:0
    Pantone: 3385 C/U
  • #ffffff
    R:255 G:255 B:255
    C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
    Pantone: White C/U
  • #e5c6c6
    Dusty Pink
    R:229 G:198 B:198
    C:10 M:26 Y:17 K:0
    Pantone: 5025 C/U
  • #ff8048
    R:255 G:128 B:72
    C:0 M:62 Y:75 K:0
    Pantone: 164 C/U
Combination of main colours

Even though all four colours are main, Tangerine should be used as an accent colour in most cases and Mint should be used as often as possible.

Main Typography

The aim of typography selection is to underline the unique character of the brand.

Inter Extra Bold is used for headlines. Inter Medium for subheadlines and Inter Regular for text blocks.

It is important to ensure legibility by setting character tracking, leading and kerning right.

Download Inter


Secondary typeface

Arial is a secondary system typeface and is used in exceptional cases only.

This typeface is installed on all computers and should be used in Word, Excel, Power Point presentations and other similar file formats.

This typeface is never used in external applications such as posters, leaflets, website, etc.


Graphic language

To fully broadcast the message, the brand uses graphic language that supports the principles already established by the logo. The following sections show some examples of how we use graphic element and icons along with grid, type and colour.


Graphic element comes from Delfi symbol and offers possibility to use it as a filled image carrier or as an outline graphic element.

Download element




This part gives both vertical and horizontal examples of how we use the elements.

Graphic elements are used to add the additional highlight on the identity. The elements could be framed.

The graphic element could be used as a space for pictures and filled with a specific colour. Layout could be photo-based with an outline, photo-based with element as a photo-carrier and illustration-based. It is important to leave some safety space for the logotype as it shouldn’t touch any elements.

Download layouts

Vertical layout

Prints and outdoor layouts could be prepared in a variety of ways creating a sleek, clear, self-aware and functional visual approach while still remaining open and accessible. We use contrasted colours that works well in print.

Download Vertical layouts





Horizontal & Digital layout

In the digital environment, we aim to represent the idea of users transition into digital format.

Download Horizontal & Digital layouts





# joyful / open / easy-living / people-centric / fresh / accessible / friendly / positive.


Thanks for getting to know our brand!